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The Real Answers about COVID-19 & Amenity Openings

We answer your questions about COVID-19 and amenity openings. Our expert attorneys address how to safely open and operate community amenities under current COVID-19 guidelines.
Topics include:
• Georgia Governor Kemp’s Empowering a Healthy Georgia Executive Order
• Updates to CDC COVID-19 Guidelines
• Local & Private Mask Requirements
• Vaccination Requirements

See a full list of documents and articles related to COVID-19 here. Also, head to our YouTube channel to watch all of the L&J Morning Break archives and our other educational videos.

Opening Your Community Amenities in 2021

Can we safely open our amenities in 2021? This is the question on the mind of every community association director, manager and member.

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Suggested Response to Owners Requesting Refunds or Reduced Assessments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Below is a suggested letter for association boards to send to owners requesting refunds or reduced assessments due to the community amenities being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about collecting assessments during the state of emergency, watch our L&J Morning Break series. Also, See a full list of documents and articles related to COVID-19 here


Join our expert attorneys as they explain Governor Kemp’s executive order, present board amenity opening plans and decisions to owners, and explain how to respond to owner assessment refund and reduction requests.

What’s My Age Again?

L&J discusses how to keep community amenity use rules fair and effective while avoiding discrimination claims.

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Opening Community Association Amenities During COVID-19: Sample Signs and Documents

We discuss and provide sample documents and signage to use when opening community association amenities during COVID-19.

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Community Association Litigation During COVID-19: Covenants, Claims, Courts, Contracts and Community

Our experienced L&J attorneys discuss litigation during the coronavirus pandemic.
Topics include:
• Enforcing the Covenants During The Pandemic – Does Stay At Home Mean Anything Goes?
• Liabilities and Claims Against Associations
• The Courts: Closed But Not Shutdown
• Vendor Contracts: Delay, Breach, and Defenses
• Testing Positive: Should the Association notify the community if an individual has
tested positive for COVID-19?

Association Amenities: When and How to Reopen Under Current Orders/Guidelines

Our expert attorneys offer guidance on managing association amenities during the coronavirus pandemic. We address the following topics:
• Community Pressure: Should/Must You Re-Open Now – Consider a Ramp-Up
• Gyms, Tennis Courts, Pools and Community Rooms: Sanitizing, Social Distancing and Reservations
• Waivers, Disclaimers and Signage – Words Matter
• Specific Guidance for Senior Communities

Partially Open for Business: Revisiting Amenity Closures During COVID-19

With some businesses slowly reopening, many questions remain on whether community associations should continue amenity closures during COVID-19.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Managing the Spread of the Virus in Your Community

We address steps for community associations to take in order to manage the spread of the coronavirus in this L&J blog post.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): What it Means for Your Community

This L&J blog post addresses many coronavirus concerns association communities now face.

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Complying with ADA Guidelines

This article addresses what community associations need to know about complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

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Reconciling Beauty with Sustainable Living in Community Associations

In this L&J article, we discuss what boards can do to encourage and support sustainable living in community associations.

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Five Amendments Every Association Should Consider

Is it time to take your legal governing documents in for a check-up? We discuss the top five amendments every association should consider.

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