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Association Membership Meetings

Procedures for calling and conducting association membership meetings are governed by an association’s bylaws. For more information on the types of meetings, sending out a meeting notice, calling a quorum and more, read our L&J Quick Facts article.

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Officers and Their Roles

Learn more about officer positions and their roles on community association boards in this L&J Quick Facts article.

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A Succession Plan for Transitioning Boards

Did new members get elected to your association board? Having a comprehensive succession plan can make the transition in leadership smoother.

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Mind Your Manners

Whether you are a professional management company or a self-managed community, here’s a quick refresher on annual meetings and collections.

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Preparing for an Annual Meeting

L&J answers the common questions that arise when community associations are preparing for an annual meeting.

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Effective Virtual Board and Membership Meetings

How can you conduct effective virtual board and membership meetings as a community association? L&J instructors discuss strategies and procedures for conducting director elections outside of annual meetings, holding virtual informational annual meetings, and conducting virtual Board meetings. The session covers notice, quorum and voting requirements for various meeting types and platforms or methods to conduct voting.  

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): What it Means for Your Community

This L&J blog post addresses many coronavirus concerns association communities now face.

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Electronic Voting

This L&J article offers tips on how best to handle elections, including conducting annual elections separate from your annual meeting, either by electronic voting or mail-in ballot.

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Make Your Annual Meeting A Success

In this article, L&J shares the top tips to make your in-person community association annual meeting a success!

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Unraveling the Duty of Association Directors and Officers

This L&J article examines the duties and responsibilities of community association directors and officers.

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Meeting Minutes: 10 Key Elements to Include

In this L&J article, we detail the key elements that need to be included in a community association’s meeting minutes.

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The Future of Electronic Voting

Holding the annual election by electronic voting or mail-in ballot can offer several desirable advantages for an association.

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Five Amendments Every Association Should Consider

Is it time to take your legal governing documents in for a check-up? We discuss the top five amendments every association should consider.

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