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Community Association Manager – “Because I Said So”

  •  June 12, 2018
     2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Jamie Lyons is a veteran Community Association Attorney. Licensed in 1994 as an instructor of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, Jamie has taught the Community Association Management pre-licensing course since its inception in 1996 and has received awards for her excellent programs. Jamie also regularly teaches for the Atlanta Board of REALTORS® about timely topics in the real estate industry.

  • “Because I Said So”  Roles of the Developer-Appointed and Owner-Elected Boards of Directors and the Community Association Manager
Students will learn about the transition process and turnover from the declarant-appointed board to the owner-elected board of directors as described in Georgia law. Students will be able to identify how the declarant is treated after turnover and what special rights or obligations the declarant retains after no longer appointing and removing the board members. Students will compare and contrast the roles of the board members, the officers, the community manager and other employees or independent contractors.

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